Twizel Kindergarten sits in the Mackenzie Basin surrounded by stunning mountain views.

We have mixed age groups and value the peer teaching/learning that happens in this context. Children have the opportunity to experiment with and demonstrate their ideas and understanding of their world through many different media; from paint to the digital camera. Teachers have a strong commitment to the integration of te reo and tikanga Maori in our programme through music, stories and games, and by the inclusion of whanau who are especially welcome to actively participate.

Our playground creates an environment that reflects the surrounding landscape and offers harmony as well as challenges for children. Our kindergarten is well resourced but it seems that sand and water are at the top of the children’s list both in the very hot summer and the very cold winter.


  • Monday to Friday – 8:30am – 2.30pm

More information about Twizel at the Twizel.com website.



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