Management & Leadership

Governance, Management and Leadership

South Canterbury Kindergartens benefits from the effective governance and management systems now in place at association level. The management team’s strategic work is  based on the three areas of ‘Strategic Intent’ used by New Zealand Kindergartens.  These are:

  • Best Practice – excellence and innovation
  • Growth and Diversity – partnership and participation
  • Organisational Robustness – sustainability and viability.

From these three areas South Canterbury Kindergartens has developed nine long-term strategic goals, all of which are primarily focused on ensuring there is high quality teaching, learning and leadership undertaken in a collaborative, reflective culture of development.

Association Structure


Governing Board
The Governing Board is elected at the AGM each year, and is responsible for the governance of the Association.  The Board is the employing body of all the Association’s staff.  The General Manager is employed to manage the Association on behalf of the Board.

General Manager 
The General Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Association and is the licensee of kindergartens.

Senior Teachers
The Senior Teachers have responsibility for managing the professional support and development of the teachers and teacher aides within the Association.

Governing Board

  • Dave Hawkey (General Manager)
  • Christine Crosbie (Chair)
  • Josh Taylor (Vice Chair)
  • Justin McLauchlan
  • Carmen Brown
  • Hayden Inkster
  • Marie Rapley
  • Vanessa Fleming (Teacher Representative)
  • Senior Teachers Angela O’Connor and Tracey Nelson


South Canterbury Kindergartens is a member of New Zealand Kindergartens Inc., and is committed to upholding the vision of the national organisation:

  • Every child has a right to participate in high quality early childhood education
  • Kindergartens are seen as centres of excellence and innovation for early childhood education
  • NZKI’s goals are best achieved through collaborative relationships at all levels
  • Kindergarten is responsive to the cultural and language aspirations of families