Twizel Kindergarten protecting the environment by making paper bricks

Over the last few weeks at Twizel Kindergarten they have been experimenting with making paper firebricks. First, the kaiako (Teachers) and tamariki (Children) researched online for the technique. After researching a number of clips and methods they tried the suggested fast method, the first attempt was not successful and the end result fell to pieces!   More research was needed. Twizel Kindergarten is now currently using the method where they rip up the paper and then soak it in water for at least two days. A paper slurry is created and this solution then goes into the brick maker and compressed very hard. There is no shortage of helpers from the children to rip paper and squeeze the bricks.

To support and promote sustainable practice within the Twizel Kindergarten community all the unwanted artworks and office paper waste through the week are now used make the paper brick the following week. A surprising discovery they have made is, just much paper waste it takes to make one brick. The bricks are being sent home with children so they can put them on their fires and see how they burn.





The amount of paper waste that goes into the bricks has reduced there paper waste and is an intentional practice to protecting the environment.