St John’s Ambulance service visited Ranui Kindergarten

On Friday 11th May Ranui Kindergarten welcomed the St John’s Ambulance service. The children were brimming with excitement as Ambulance Officer Sasha rolled the model ambulance into the kindergarten. The tamariki hung off every word Sasha said as she brought a display in which the children got to identify different emergency services (police, fire and ambulance) and put into memory the emergency number 111. Children shared their personal experiences of St John’s as she read a book to the group. Hands flew in the air at the chance to have a go with the blood pressure monitor, Officer jackets and oxygen mask.  Finally, the children became real paramedics as they administered first aid to each other by applying bandages and slings to peers and teachers.

The chance to experience this community service visiting Ranui kindergarten was a significant learning experience for the tamariki as they made connecting links with their wider world. These links are being supported in a safe environment where their learning is being extended through play. This will support further learning and put them at ease if they have any interaction with this service in the future.







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