Kowhai Children create a feast.


They have returned to the summer term and they find that they have work to do.

Their gardens have been flourishing over the term break and they have delicious spinach ready for them to taste and bake with.

They had some eggs donated to the kindergarten and they were the perfect ingredient to have in a Spinach Pie.

Mahi Tahi our team of workers got into action. The eggs were counted and the spinach chopped. The pie got a very zealous stir by each member of our team and it was delicious.

The tamariki shared their treats from Papatuanuku – mother earth at lunchtime and celebrated the taste of this vegetable that they had planted, cared for and harvested together.

Their gardening learning and mahi continues. They have set about planting new seeds and seedlings. They are considering the role of the climatic conditions of light and water on plant growth…and they are developing an understanding of our role as Kaitiaki /guardians – and the vital part we can play to care for our plants, our kindergarten environment and our planet.

Each of the Kowhai tamariki can be involved in this learning. Their individual gardening contribution is celebrated and encouraged by all of the Kaiako. They are embracing their Enviroschool philosophy…they have a busy summer of work ahead and they will look forward to developing our understanding and tasting the spoils of our natural harvest together.