Construction at Glenview Kindergarten

Term 2: 2018 Construction of various types is strong at Glenview Kindergarten with many tamariki mahi tahi (working together) to share ideas, skills, and knowledge. The construction here has involved developing a building site where extensions have and continue to be, added onto a pre-existing whare structure.
The ‘real work’ with hammers, nails, saws, measuring tapes etc has been absolutely amazing and is providing numerous learning
opportunities such as developing physical skills, thinking skills and problem-solving skills, social skills including co-operation, negotiation, and listening to another’s point of view, taking and assessing risk, dispositional skills such as imagination, participation,
contribution, perseverance, confidence-building and so on.
Incorporating maths concepts, literacy, and communication skills are so easy, as this is purposeful work that allows all interested tamariki to participate and contribute to. He mahi pai tenei – this is a good.